Load directions for Extreme Bearings

Extreme Bearing units are intended for loads acting vertically towards the base plate support. Therefore, if the bearing housing is supported over its entire base, loads are limited only by the load limits of the bearing insert. If loads acting in other directions occur or if the housing is not supported over its entire base area, check that the magnitude of the load is permissible for the bolt assembly attached to the machine frame.

The load capability is limited by the bolt fastening

Loads acting vertically toward the base plate

Type EXF 4 bolt flange bearings

EXS pillow block bearings

Type EXW 2 bolt flange bearings

Type EXL 3 bolt flange bearings

Type EXT Take-up bearings

Type EXC Tapered pillow block bearings

Tensioner stud

The EXF bearing unit can be provided with a tensioner stud. In that case, the load can act in the opposite direction to the threaded rod. This is a unique feature of this type of Extreme Bearing.

Axial load carrying capacity

If Extreme Bearings are mounted on smooth shafts with no fixed abutment, the magnitude of the axial load that can be supported is determined by the friction between the shaft and sleeve. Provided the bearings are correctly mounted, the permissible axial load can be calculated from:

Fap = 0,003 B d           where:
Fap = maximum permissible axial load, kN
B = bearing width, mm
d = bearing bore diameter, mm

Thrust bearing unit

The EXV thrust bearing unit is designed for pure thrust loads and can handle little or no radial load. Perhaps this is a better solution for your needs if there is no radial load

Look at our thrust bearing units, perhaps this is a better solution.

Single row, Type-E roller bearings

Basic Load RatingLimiting speed
Bearing No.d1DBrsminB1d2B2B0Knrpm
400105 K-CW33 + H2052052181,0263883,740406000
400106 K-CW33 + H2062562201,0284583,750555600
400107 K-CW33 + H2073072231,1325293,768785300
400108 K-CW33 + H2083580231,13358105,577885000
400109 K-CW33 + H2094085231,13465115,580954500
400110 K-CW33 + H2104590231,13570125,5831024300
400111 K-CW33 + H21150100251,53775125,51021253500
400112 K-CW33 + H21255110281,54180135,51001203000
400113 K-CW33 + H21360120311,54585145,51501902000
400115 K-CW33 + H21565130311,54698155,51602001400
400116 K-CW33 + H21670140332,050105175,51702201450
400117 K-CW33 + H21775150362,054110188,32503251500
400118 K-CW33 + H21880160402,058120188,821072701600
400120 K-CW33 + H22090180462,166130208,33104201300
400122 K-CW33 + H222100200532,174130218,34105701000

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Self-aligning double row spherical roller bearing inserts

Self-aligning double row spherical roller bearings have the advantage that they can carry a heavy radial and axial load.

Basic Load RatingLimiting speed
Bearing No.d1DBrsminB1d2B2B0KNrpm
22205 K-CW33 + H305205218129388443457500
22206 K-CW33 + H306256220131458459626300
22207 K-CW33 + H3073072231,135529481885300
22208 K-CW33 + H3083580231,13658106881004800
22209 K-CW33 + H3094085231,13965116951054500
22210 K-CW33 + H3104590231,142701261001204000
22211 K-CW33 + H31150100251,545751261201403800
22212 K-CW33 + H31255110281,547801361451753400
22213 K-CW33 + H31360120311,550851461802203000
22215 K-CW33 + H31565130311,555981561902502800
22216 K-CW33 + H31670140332591051762102752600
22217 K-CW33 + H31775150362631101882503252400
22218 K-CW33 + H31880160402651201893054102200
22219 K-CW33 + H31985170432,1681251993404502200
22220 K-CW33 + H32090180462,1711302083755002200
22222 K-CW33 + H322100200532,1771302184055751700

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